ETUDE HOUSE 0.2 Therapy Air Mask Cherry Blossom | Review

When I visited the Etude House shop, this 0.2 Therapy Air Mask Cherry Blossom was displayed on the front. Since it is Sakura season here in Japan, I grabbed one to try.

This Etude House 0.2 Therapy Air Mask Cherry Blossom is for firming and brightening.

According to Etude House, their 0.2 Therapy Air Masks are hypo-allergenic that are good for those who have sensitive skin type. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

How to use the ETUDE HOUSE 0.2 Therapy Air Mask Cherry Blossom?

1. Apply toner to skin after cleansing.
2. Remove mask from pouch and apply to face, placing mask to fit eye and lip area. 
3. Remove mask after 10~15 minutes and lightly massage remaining solution into skin with hands.

The mask is dripping. Obviously, there is a great amount of essence on the mask. The scent is not like of Cherry Blossom’s. It is similar to the scent of lychee.

There are still a lot of essence inside. I think I could use it tomorrow. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Just like it’s name, it is light and comfortable on the skin. It sticks on my skin perfectly, unlike the other masks.

Above is a picture of before and after. Before, my skin was dry. But with the help of the mask, it became moist. I like the after effect, but still it needs continuous use to fully know its capabilities.

I din’t felt any irritation nor sting while using and after using it. Also, my skin felt supple, firm, and brighter after.


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