FRESHLIGHT Champagne Pink | Review

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After bleaching my hair, I felt that the color did not suit me. So, I decided to go for a color that would complement my skin tone. This time, I will try Freshlight Champagne Pink, which I have been wanting to try.

FRESHLIGHT Champagne Pink

Just like the budget-friendly Freshlight Bleach I used earlier, this product won’t break the bank. I bought it at Matsumoto Kiyoshi, a local drugstore in Japan, for around ¥500.

FRESHLIGHT Champagne Pink | Result Image

Keep in mind, the final look can vary depending on your original hair color.

The the coloring process was a breeze with easy-to-follow instructions, including an English guide for clarity.

FRESHLIGHT Champagne Pink | Package

Bonus points for the package – it comes with a Freshlight oil hair mask and a pair of handy plastic gloves.

FRESHLIGHT Champagne Pink | Result

The result exceeded my expectations. It is not a bold pink but rather a charming brownish-pink hue that I absolutely adore.

If you want to try out Freshlight Champagne Pink, you can find it online at Amazon.