FRESHLIGHT Bleach | Review

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Hi readers! It had been quite some time since I last bleached my hair and I realized my black roots had started showing. So, I decided to head to the drugstore to look for some affordable bleaching options. I was quite thrilled to stumble upon Freshlight Bleach and decided to give it a try, thinking to myself “why not?”


The Freshlight Bleach package includes all the essentials. Inside the box, there are the necessary ingredients. There is also an oil hair mask for nourishment, a user-friendly bottle comb, and a pair of plastic gloves for protection. The straightforward instructions provide a stress-free experience.

FRESHLIGHT Bleach | Inside the box

The outcome of using Freshlight Bleach can depend on various factors. Hair thickness, prior coloring or bleaching history, or even the hair’s natural characteristics can affect the result. Remember, a patch test is always a good idea for added assurance.

Although it did manage to lighten my hair, the effect wasn’t as intense as I expected. Notably, there was a hint of brassiness, which I found could be counteracted with the use of a toner. I reccomend using a purple shampoo, for those aiming for a cooler tone.

FRESHLIGHT Bleach | Before & After

One standout feature of Freshlight Bleach was its gentle effect on my scalp, unlike my previous bleach experiences. For those seeking a lighter shade, an additional application may be necessary to achieve the desired look at home. In conclusion, Freshlight Bleach is an affordable hair bleaching solution that delivers promising results in the comfort of your own space.

If you want to try out Freshlight Bleach, you can find it online at Amazon.