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Hey there! So, I ran into an issue where I noticed mold on my clothes after washing them. Yuck! Of course, I had to clean my washing machine ASAP. However, I decided to try something a little different this time and opted for a cheaper option, the Daiso brand, which only cost ¥100 (without tax). Normally, I opt for pricey cleaners, but I wanted to give this inexpensive option a try and see if it could hold up against the competition. So, I gladly tested out the Daiso Washing Drum Cleaner and was pleasantly surprised with how well it worked!

DAISO Washing Drum Cleaner

Daiso Washing Drum Cleaner is a powder-type cleaner that uses oxygen and enzymes to give your washing machine a deep clean. Plus, it works for both vertical and front-loading machines. And it’s mildly alkaline too, so it’s tough on dirt but gentle on your machine.

For added convenience, the Daiso Washing Drum Cleaner comes with not one, but two packs. Wondering how much to use for your machine? If your washing machine can handle 7 kilograms or less, a single pack is sufficient. However, if your machine capacity exceeds this, simply pop in two packs for optimal results.

In my case, I followed the basic instructions and opted for the standard course when using the Daiso Washing Drum Cleaner. As suggested, I made sure to fill the washing machine tub to its maximum capacity.

DAISO Washing Drum Cleaner - pouring powder

After sprinkling the powder into the machine, I allowed it to spin for a quick 2 minutes, ensuring the powder dissolved seamlessly into the water. Following this, I paused the washing cycle for a lengthy 4-hour break, letting the cleaner work its magic effectively. (I didn’t use warm water for this process.)

DAISO Washing Drum Cleaner | Dirt Floating

In the photo above, you might notice some floating specks, which, to my surprise, seemed to be dirt remnants. It was an eye-opener, making me appreciate the thorough cleaning process all the more. Despite the initial skepticism, the visible proof reassured me that the Daiso Washing Drum Cleaner is worth a try.

As you can see in the photo above, these are the dirt remnants collected during this cleaning process. I couldn’t help but feel a sense of surprise and satisfaction. While there’s no guarantee of achieving a 100% spotless clean, it’s clear that the Daiso Washing Drum Cleaner does deliver on its promise, making it a reliable and cost-effective option for maintaining a healthier, happier washing machine. Give it a try, and you might just be as pleasantly surprised as I was!

Remember, everyone might have different results when using the Daiso Washing Drum Cleaner. The way you use your washing machine and the type of water you have can affect how well it works. 

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