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Tinted or syrupy nail colors are my thing, so when I stumbled upon the “ROM&ND Mood Pebble Nail 08 Purple Mood” on my Instagram feed, I knew I had to have it. The catch? It was hard to find in Japan. With online options from South Korea, the price is relatively high. So when I saw it on the shelf, I immediately grabbed it. 

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ROM&ND Mood Pebble Nail 08 Purple Mood

Looking at the bottle, I was captivated by how the color shone through. It was enchanting. I loved how simple and elegant the container looked, letting the gorgeous shade take center stage.

ROM&ND Mood Pebble Nail Brush

The brush applicator was just the right size. Despite a few stray bristles, applying the polish was surprisingly effortless. I didn’t encounter any issues as I painted my nails; in fact, the process felt smooth and uncomplicated.

ROM&ND Mood Pebble Nail 08 Purple Mood Application

Achieving my desired color intensity required applying four layers, building up the shade gradually. However, if you’re after a more natural look, one layer is sufficient to bring out. It’s a versatile product that allows for both subtle and bolder styles, depending on your preference.

ROM&ND Mood Pebble Nail Drying Time

The drying time of the polish depends on the number of layers you apply. With just one layer, it dries up quickly, allowing you to continue with your day in no time. However, in my case, as I layered on four coats, the complete drying process took more than 30 minutes. Patience was key, but the end result was worth the wait.

I’m completely hooked on the “ROM&ND Mood Pebble Nail 08 Purple Mood” now and can’t wait to try more colors from their collection.

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