McDonald’s New York Burgers in Japan

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I went on a flavorful journey with newly released McDonald’s New York Burgers in Japan, launched on October 25, 2023. This exciting release boasts a trio of tantalizing creations infused with the spirit of the Big Apple, including the N.Y. Thick Beef and Potatoes, the N.Y. Buffalo Chicken, and the N.Y. Deli Shrimp Tartar. Alongside these innovative burger offerings, the renowned fast-food chain also introduced a delectable addition to its menu – the “Shaka shaka Potato” in a mouthwatering blend of three distinct cheeses. 

McDonald’s New York Burgers in Japan

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N.Y. Buffalo Chicken

The N.Y. Buffalo Chicken burger is super spicy and includes pickles, lettuce, sauce, and chicken. I really enjoy spicy food, but it might be too much for those who can’t handle the heat. It’s quite strong and can make your tongue and stomach feel hot. While it satisfies spicy cravings, I think it could use more flavor as the spiciness tends to overshadow the sauce.

N.Y. Thick Beef & Potaoes

Now, let’s turn our attention to the N.Y. Thick Beef & Potatoes burger. With its savory combination of bacon, cube potatoes, cheddar cheese, beef patty, and a blend of white and brown sauces reminiscent of smoky barbeque flavors, this creation reminds me of a burger from their past creations.

N.Y. Deli Shrimp Tartar

McDonald’s New York Burgers in Japan | N.Y. Deli Shrimp Tartar

The N.Y. Deli Shrimp Tartar burger was a pleasant surprise. It had tomatoes, lettuce, tartar sauce, and a crispy shrimp patty that was soft on the inside, just like shrimp tempura. It was my first time trying a shrimp burger, and I really liked it.

3 Kinds of Cheese - Shaka Shaka Potato

I was particularly excited about the “Shaka Shaka Potato” with its three cheese flavor seasoning. Among all the flavors I’ve tried before, this one is the best. It has a rich cheese taste with just the right amount of salt. The seasoning covered all the medium-sized fries completely.

McDonald’s New York burgers in Japan are definitely a must-try. Just be cautious with the N.Y. Buffalo Chicken because it is really spicy. Don’t forget the Three Kinds of Cheese Shaka Shaka Potato seasoning.

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