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McCafe Holiday Series (11/15)

McDonald’s McCafe Holiday Series 2023

McDonald’s Japan unveiled a trio of festive delights: the Chocolat Orange Frappe, the White Snow Choco Frappe, and the Green Apple macaron. These treats are like a warm hug for your taste buds, and we’re about to take a scrumptious journey through each delightful flavor. Join me as we explore the charm of McCafe’s Holiday Series 2023!

Come on Baby! N.Y. Burgers 2023 (10/25)

McDonald’s New York Burgers in Japan

I went on a flavorful journey with newly released McDonald’s New York Burgers in Japan, launched on October 25, 2023. This exciting release boasts a trio of tantalizing creations infused with the spirit of the Big Apple, including the N.Y. Thick Beef and Potatoes, the N.Y. Buffalo Chicken, and the N.Y. Deli Shrimp Tartar. Alongside these innovative burger offerings, the renowned fast-food chain also introduced a delectable addition to its menu – the “Shaka shaka Potato” in a mouthwatering blend of three distinct cheeses. 

McDonald’s Japan Sunny Sweets 2023 (6/7~)

I was very excited to try McDonald’s Japan Limited Menu Sunny Sweets because of Hokkaido Melon shake. As you may know Hokkaido’s melon is very delicious.

McShake Yubari Melon from Hokkaido tastes so delicious. As expected, the melon is sweet, and you can really taste the real melon, not just flavoring. It is milky, sweet, and refreshing.

Lemon Cheese Pie has two fillings, lemon puree, and cheese cream. Those two are so good that I want to eat more.

McDonald’s Japan Spicy McNuggets 2023 (6/7~)

“Spicy Chicken McNuggets, which feature bright red and exciting and refreshing spiciness.” This McDonald’s Japan Limited Menu is back with two new dip sauces that are also limited.

I like this more than the regular McNuggets because I love spicy foods. It may not be spicy as you thought, but it may be too much for kids.

Sour Cream Lemon Sauce was the best. You can really taste the refreshing taste of lemon. It’s very delicious that I also dip my fries in it.

Garlic Habanero Sauce is really spicy. You can taste the taste of chili, and not recommended to those who are weak in spicy foods.

McDonald’s Japan Spring Menu 2023

“めっちゃ春じゃん” (mecha haru jan) is the theme of McDonald’s Japan for their spring limited menu. It means “It’s really spring!”

mcdonald's japan 2023 spring menu

There are 3 limited burgers on McDonald’s Japan 2023 spring menu: “チーズてりたま” (cheese teritama) has teriyaki sauce with additional egg and cheese. “てりたま” (teritama) is the simplest among the three teriyaki burgers without additionals. “ベーコンてりたま” (bacon teritama) has teriyaki sauce with additional bacon and egg.

mcdonald's japan 2023 spring menu - cheese teritama

All the burgers are good. But among the three, “チーズてりたま” (cheese teritama) is my favorite.

There are 2 limited french fries seasonings; “梅のり塩味” (ume nori shio aji) which means plum, seaweed, and salt taste. “ニンニク黒胡椒味” (ninniku kurokoshou aji) which means garlic and black pepper taste.

“梅のり塩味” (ume nori shio aji) has a little sour taste just like a plum. And when the sourness subsides, you will taste the seaweed. Children might not like the taste, some adults may also not. The taste is Japanese style.

“ニンニク黒胡椒味” (ninniku kurokoshou aji) tastes like steak cooked with garlic or barbecue-flavored chips. I like to eat it right after taking a bite of the burger. The combination of flavors is great.

The limited McFizz drink is “佐藤錦さくらんぼ” (Sato Nishiki Sakuranbo) which is a cherry-flavored drink. There is a McFloat version of it too.

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