SERIA Cuticle Remover Oil | Review

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Hello there! It’s great to have you here on this blog post where I am super excited to share with you my wonderful experience with the Seria Cuticle Remover Oil. I cannot wait to tell you all about this amazing product that I have discovered. So, sit back, relax, and let me take you through my journey of discovering this gem.

Seria Cuticle Remover Oil

I ran out of my usual cuticle remover, but I like to try a new one, so I went to Seria. Then I found the Seria Cuticle Remover Oil for only ¥100 (not including tax). It comes in cute packaging.

The packaging of the Seria Cuticle Remover Oil is simple and doesn’t look cheap despite its affordable price. The clear container used to hold the product is both neat and sleek. The beautiful aqua-green oil contained within the clear container is completely visible. It allows you to see the exact quantity of oil available in the container, eliminating the guesswork and making the product easy to use.

In the process of trying to extract the oil from the sponge, I had to twist it a lot of times before the desired amount came out. This was a very understandable circumstance, considering the nature of the container. Finally, after some effort, the oil eventually flowed out of the sponge. It was a pleasant scent similar to the fragrance of hand soaps. This aroma was refreshing.

Seria Cuticle Remover Oil | Before and After

The Seria Cuticle Remover Oil’s sponge has a perfect texture for application and pushing. I was surprised at how it gently pushes my cuticles without discomfort or pain. And that’s not all; it also hydrated my cuticles, leaving them soft and easy to remove.

My nails now look better.  Seria Cuticle Remover Oil is a wallet savior and a true nail savior.

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