YAOKO Marketplace Foods | Japan 2023

Hi! In this blog, I share my Yaoko Marketplace, a supermarket in Japan, food experiences. I will update this blog whenever I try new food from Yaoko Marketplace.

Spicy Kebab Burger | Yaoko Marketplace Food

The moment I opened the packaging, the aroma of spices triggered my taste buds.

Spicy Kebab Burger | Yaoko Supermarket Food

The presentation of Yaoko’s Spicy Kebab Burger made it look expensive. Moreover, the carefully layered components, from the bun to the meticulously arranged kebab patty and the fresh garnishes, all contributed to an aesthetic that suggested meticulous attention to detail.

This Spicy Kebab Burger contains fresh tomato, lettuce, and onions.

Despite not reheating the Spicy Kebab Burger, it was still delicious. The slight spiciness was satisfying.

To fully savor this Spicy Kebab Burger, I recommend reheating it in an oven or toaster oven. This simple step will help revive the savory juiciness of the kebab patty.

Teppanyaki Garlic Rice | Yaoko Marketplace Food

The way this Teppanyaki Garlic Rice is presented is really good. In addition, with its vibrant colors and neatly arranged toppings, it looks incredibly good. Furthermore, the careful placement of garnishes adds a touch of elegance, making it a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds.

The aroma of this Teppanyaki Garlic Rice is truly amazing, especially when I heated it in the microwave. The air was filled with the smell of garlic and savory seasonings.

A tasty mix of ingredients like green onions, sauce, sweet corn, savory beef, fragrant rice, and tender onions fills this Teppanyaki Garlic Rice.

The taste of this Teppanyaki Garlic Rice was beyond my expectations. Moreover, the portion was so generous that I had enough for dinner leftovers. Additionally, the incredible taste surpassed what I imagined for a premade supermarket dish, resembling the flavors one would expect from a restaurant. Furthermore, the meat has rich flavors that added an extra layer of satisfaction to every bite.

YAOKO Supermarket Website: https://www.yaoko-net.com

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