Bottled Milk Tea in Japan 2023

Hi, and welcome to my blog! This blog post is a compilation of all the bottled milk tea in Japan I tried in 2023. I will update this blog whenever I try a new bottle of milk tea.

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KOUCHAHANADEN [紅茶花伝] Royal Milk Tea

Its balanced sweetness has made Kouchahanaden Royal Milk Tea my all-time favorite for its classic flavor. Undoubtedly, this milk tea’s classic taste ensures that I will never tire of its taste.

Moreover, they proudly use 100 percent domestic milk and handpicked Ceylon leaves. Furthermore, there’s also a hot version of this tea, which happens to be my preference. Enjoying its warmth on a chilly day adds an extra layer of comfort.



GOGO NO KOUlCHA [午後の紅茶] Caramel Tea Latte Hot

Gogo no Koucha (午後の紅茶) Caramel Tea Latte Hot is a must-try for those who love sweet milk tea. The infusion of caramel elevates the sweetness more.

Bottled Milk Tea in Japan 2023 - GOGO NO KOUCHA [午後の紅茶] Caramel Tea Latte Hot

Its taste can be likened to a caramel candy. This similarity to caramel candy renders the latte a truly irresistible treat for those who appreciate the comforting familiarity of this timeless indulgence.

While this milk tea offers a pleasant drinking experience, it might not particularly stand out for those seeking a unique taste. The flavor profile, while enjoyable, lacks the boldness that set it apart from other similar milk tea in the market. While it satisfies with its sweetness and familiar notes, it might not leave a lasting impression on those accustomed to more adventurous and unconventional tea blends.



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