Mobile Service Providers in Japan that has English Support

In the city of Japan, finding mobile service providers can be a little difficult. However, for non-Japanese speakers, the lack of English support in this domain often poses a significant challenge. In this blog, I went to each website of mobile service providers in Japan and searched for English support. Here are the mobile service providers in Japan that has English support.


Image from NTT Docomo

NTT DOCOMO, one of Japan’s leading mobile service providers, stands out for its English support, catering to the needs of an increasingly diverse customer base. With a user-friendly English website, NTT DOCOMO ensures that non-Japanese speakers can navigate their offerings with ease.

NTT DOCOMO prides itself on its commitment to accommodating diverse language needs. While their physical stores across Japan boast English support, it’s worth noting that the assistance is facilitated through an interpreter via phone. This multi-lingual approach underscores NTT DOCOMO’s dedication to fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment for all, making their services accessible and user-friendly for an international clientele seeking reliable and language-sensitive mobile solutions.

NTT DOCOMO English Inquiry:


Image from Softbank

SoftBank, also one of Japan’s leading telecommunications sector, offers comprehensive English support. They have a user-friendly website, dedicated English-speaking customer service hotlines, and multilingual catalogs.

It’s important to note that while SoftBank does offer English support, the availability of English-speaking staff is limited to select physical stores, primarily concentrated in the bustling metropolitan area of Tokyo.

SOFTBANK English Customer Support:


Image from AU

AU, has made significant strides in accommodating the needs of English-speaking customers, aiming to provide a seamless and user-friendly experience. With a dedicated English support page on their website, AU offers comprehensive information on their services. Moreover, AU’s customer service representatives proficient in English are readily available through their helpline, ensuring prompt assistance for customers with inquiries or concerns.

AU further demonstrates its commitment to catering to diverse language needs by offering a Foreign Language Service Store Locator website. This valuable tool enables English-speaking customers and those proficient in other languages to easily locate AU stores with staff members capable of providing assistance in their preferred language. With this specialized locator, customers can pinpoint the nearest AU stores equipped with language-specific support. This resource exemplifies AU’s dedication to ensuring accessibility and inclusivity for international customers, reaffirming its position as a customer-centric mobile service provider in Japan.

AU English Customer Support:
AU Foreign Language Service Store Locator:

Y! Mobile

Image from Wikimedia Commons

Y! MOBILE, a notable contender in Japan’s mobile service provider landscape, has taken significant strides to cater to the needs of English-speaking customers. With an informative English website, Y! MOBILE provides comprehensive details about their various plans, features, and offerings, facilitating an easy and convenient exploration of their services for non-Japanese speakers. While in-store English support may be limited, Y! MOBILE maintains a strong commitment to effective communication through their customer service channels, ensuring that English-speaking users can seek assistance and resolve queries efficiently. With a focus on user-friendliness and clarity, Y! MOBILE’s English support initiatives aim to bridge the language gap and provide a seamless mobile experience for customers navigating the intricacies of the Japanese telecommunications market.


Image from LINEMO

Linemo, a growing mobile service provider in Japan, recognizes the importance of catering to the diverse language needs of its customer base, including English speakers. With a user-friendly English website, Linemo offers comprehensive information on their services. While Linemo’s physical store presence is currently limited, their commitment to effective communication extends to their dedicated English-speaking customer service representatives, who are readily available to address customer inquiries and concerns. By prioritizing accessibility and clear communication, Linemo strives to create a welcoming and accommodating experience for English-speaking users seeking reliable mobile services in Japan.

To accommodate the needs of English-speaking customers, Linemo offers an English guide on their website. Despite the application site being primarily in Japanese, the comprehensive English guide provides step-by-step instructions and explanations, ensuring that English-speaking users can navigate the application process smoothly and with clarity. This thoughtful initiative reflects Linemo’s dedication to providing an inclusive and user-friendly experience. By bridging the language barrier through their online resources, Linemo aims to create a more accessible and convenient application process.

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