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Konnichiwa! (^_−)−☆
In this blog, I will share the foods from 7-Eleven Japan Limited Specials I’ve tried.

7-ELEVEN JAPAN SOUTH KOREA Gourmet Fair | 韓国グルメフェア

South Korea Gourmet Fair (韓国グルメフェア) by 7-Eleven Japan started on May 9, 2023, and is still ongoing.

Rice Bowl, Beef & Vegetables | 甘辛プルコギ丼

7-Eleven Japan Limited Special - Rice Bowl, Beef & Vegetables | 甘辛プルコギ丼

Sweet & Spicy Bulgogi Rice Bowl (甘辛プルコギ丼) contains beef with vegetables such as cabbage, paprika, carrots, mushroom, onion, and green bell pepper. There are also glass noodles mixed and rice.

It tastes just like 7-Eleven’s beef kalbi bento which is always available but upgraded with vegetables and is a little spicy, making it tastier. I enjoyed it.

Milk Pudding & Coffee | ダルゴナコーヒー & とろけるミルクプリン

Dalgona Coffee & Melting Milk Pudding (ダルゴナコーヒー & とろけるミルクプリン) is one of the best desserts that I’ve tried from 7-Eleven Japan. It tastes like mocha icing on the cake. The texture is super smooth, and it does melt inside the mouth. It kind of tastes like tiramisu, but I like this one better. It is not super sweet, which I liked. Not also very bitter. It has a gentle taste.

Yangnyeom Chicken Stick | ヤンニョムチキンスティック

Tastes so good. As soon as the Yangnyeom Chicken reached my mouth, the flavor exploded. It is not so spicy as I thought. It may not be the best but it’s delicious.

Honey Butter Chicken & Cheese Kimbap | ハニバタチキンとチーズのキンパ

I wouldn’t say I liked the kimbap because of the katsuo as one of its ingredients (I don’t eat katsuo), so I asked my husband for his opinion. He said that it tasted good and that he enjoyed the cheese part.

The chicken tastes exactly like the 7-Eleven’s Karaage bento. I liked the sweet potato.

Tteokboki tastes sweet and spicy, and it is soft and chewy. The glass noodles also taste excellent.

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