MUJI Booster Essence Lotion (無印良品導入化粧液) | Review

Lately, I have been loving MUJI products. Because their products have a minimal theme, it looks nice wherever I put them. Aside from that, their skincare products are also good, just as the Muji Booster Essence Lotion (無印良品導入化粧液).

Muji Booster Essence Lotion (無印良品導入化粧液)

Muji Booster Essence Lotion (無印良品導入化粧液) is a booster that is used before the lotion or toner to prepare the skin so that the ingredients can easily penetrate. They use natural water from Kamaishi, Iwate Prefecture. It is fragrance-free, mineral oil-free, coloring-free, weakly acidic, paraben-free, and alcohol-free, perfect for sensitive skin.

I have been using it for months now; it is my second bottle. It has become an essential product in my skincare routine. Without it, the effect of the toner is much different.

My skin was a little dry, and my pores were not in good condition before applying the booster. However, after using the booster, the situation improved, making it ready for the toner.

I have sensitive skin, which turns red quickly if there’s a strong ingredient included in a product. So this has been very gentle on my face.

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