PLUMP PINK Sakura Melty Lip #209 Happy Cherry | Review

Konnichiwa, my lovely readers! In this blog, I am sharing my thoughts on Plump Pink Sakura Melty Lip #209 Happy Cherry, a brand that is new to me. This product claims to have six roles; a plumper, lip primer, lip serum, wrinkle correction, volume up, and moisturizer.

Plump Pink Sakura Melty Lip #209 Happy Cherry contains collagen. It also contains plant-derived moisturizing ingredients honey, shea butter, avocado oil, apricot, and rosehip oil.

I bought this from Celule, an outlet shop that sells cosmetic products. It offers discounted prices on products that are discontinued, limited edition, or have old designs from various manufacturers. This one might not be easy to find as of now.

The packaging looks so cool with its lip design.

The applicator is the standard type.

This Plump Pink Sakura Melty Lip #209 Happy Cherry is a bubblegum pink.

It feels like lip vaseline, and it does moisturize my lips.

I use this as a lip base and sometimes I don’t put anything on top of it. Also, it is menthol so it does plump the lips a little bit.

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