Liquid Detergents in Japan: Choose the Best One for Your Laundry Needs

There are a lot of liquid detergents in Japan. Every time I buy one, I spend a lot of time choosing the best one for my laundry needs. When selecting a detergent, I always look for one appropriate for the type of washing machine and the fabrics I will wash. For example, if I have delicate clothes that require gentle washing, I choose a detergent specifically designed for that purpose. Similarly, I prefer a detergent with strong cleaning power if I have heavily soiled or stained clothes. After selecting a detergent based on its suitability for my laundry needs, I check its price and scent to ensure it fits my budget and preferences.

In Japan, people mostly look for cleaning power when choosing liquid detergents. Deodorizing ability is also essential. However, when the Coronavirus spread, liquid detergents with antibacterial functions became popular. That is why most of the popular liquid detergents in Japan are antibacterial, aside from strong cleaning power and deodorizing ability.

I often go to the drugstore when looking for liquid detergents because there is much to choose from. Also, sometimes, in drugstores, limited-edition liquid detergents are worth it and fun to try. And also, I buy at Costco because I can save a lot with their big sizes that are much cheaper.

Here are some of the liquid detergents in Japan:

ATTACK Antibacterial EX for Indoor Drying

It can be used on all washing machine types, including drum types. The formulation has a fluorescent agent, so pastel or light-colored cotton or linen may become whitish. It can be used with cotton, linen, and synthetic fibers. Baby clothes can also be washed with this. Moreover, it is antibacterial, reducing the virus attached to the clothing. Also, it prevents the formation of mold in the washing machine.

Furthermore, it suppresses the “zombie odor,” a term used to describe a foul smell from clothes even after washing them. This odor is caused by bacteria that survive the washing process and can multiply again when clothes are hung up to dry indoors. The scent of this product is sunshine-green.

This is the one I mainly use when I intend to dry my clothes indoors. It’s great; my clothes smell good after drying indoors. Also, it does not hurt my pocket and is one of the cheapest liquid detergents in the Japanese market, which is good.

ATTACK Antibacterial EX

It has the same functions as Attack Antibacterial EX for Indoor Drying but is recommended for washing underwear and pillowcases. The scent is “splash clear.” It can be used on all washing machine types, including drum types, and is for cotton, linen, and synthetic fibers. Like the one for indoor drying, this also has a fluorescent agent, so pastel or light-colored cotton or linen may become whitish. Moreover, it also has antibacterial, reducing the virus attached to the clothing and preventing mold formation in the washing machine.

NEW BEADS Luxe Craft and Pure Craft

New Beads liquid detergents are perfect for those who want a soft finish on their clothes. You can choose the one that best suits your taste with two scents available – Luxe Craft rose and magnolia (pink) and Pure Craft jasmine and chamomile (blue). It can be used with all types of washing machines. Of course, it also has deodorizing power.

My Closet Care EMAL

Emal liquid detergent is a brand of detergent for fashionable clothes. It can easily care for knits and casual clothes at home and repairs fibers from the inside with damage repair technology. It washes away sweat and sebum and prevents pilling, shrinking, and fading. This contains no fluorescent agent. There are two scents available; refresh green and aromatic bouquet. It is recommended for wool, silk, cotton, linen, and synthetic fibers. Check their website on how to wash fashionable clothes correctly with this liquid detergent. You can also use this for hand washing laundry. It is recommended to rinse twice.

FAFA Story Liquid Laundry Detergent Bubble Wash

Fafa is a brand that makes the cutest packaging for detergents and fabric softeners. The teddy bear on its packaging makes me smile whenever I look at it. If you want a laundry detergent that will give your laundry area a hint of cuteness, this is the one to display. Aside from the cute packaging, it is super cheap.

Moreover, it has a high-penetration antibacterial technology that eliminates all kinds of odors from the clothes, such as room drying, sweat, aging, and pet smells. It also keeps clothes antibacterial for 48 hours, which is great for hygiene and freshness. The detergent has a mild powdery musk fragrance that complements the Fafa Story fabric softener. The combination of the two makes clothes smell so lovely and feel so soft. In addition, it only requires one rinse. It also does not contain fluorescent agents, which can harm the skin and the environment. 

FAFA Free& Unscented Detergent

It is fragrance-free, low-odor, and eco-friendly. This detergent has low-odor ingredients and no additives such as fragrance, colorant, bleach, or fluorescent agent. It also contains plant-derived antibacterial and deodorizing ingredients that prevent unpleasant smells from clothes, especially when drying indoors or wearing them for a long time. In addition, it is a concentrated type that requires only a small amount per wash and can be used with one rinse

FAFA Cocoro Laundry Detergent

It suits regular and delicate fabrics, such as wool and silk. It also has antibacterial and deodorizing ingredients that prevent dirt and smell from accumulating on your clothes. And it has a gentle and relaxing fragrance miming the smell of fresh flowers. As a result, it can help you maintain your clothes’ color, shape, and texture while keeping them hygienic and fragrant.

FAFA Fine Fragrance Layering Wash

This detergent can be used with any softener to create a more complex and dimensional fragrance on your clothes. It has a clear and elegant scent that combines floral, amber, and citrus notes. It is designed to harmonize with any softener and enhance its fragrance. By layering the detergent and the softener, you can create a more sophisticated and perfume-like scent on your clothes. The Layering Wash also has essential functions as a detergent, such as cleaning power, antibacterial effect, and deodorizing effect. It can be used for indoor drying and with one rinse. It is also compatible with automatic dispensers

TOP Super Nanox

The blue Super Nanox has four functions: cleaning, deodorizing, antibacterial, and anti-redeposition. It claims to have the strongest cleaning power among liquid detergents and can remove tough stains by applying the detergent directly and leaving it for 12 hours. It also has a high-concentration formula. In addition, it is free of fluorescent agents and uses 100% recycled PET for the bottle body.

The purple Super Nanox is for eliminating odor. It is antibacterial for 48 hours while wearing it and suppresses the growth of odor bacteria.

TOP Clear Liquid

It has a clear liquid formula that penetrates deep into the fibers and removes a wide range of stains, preventing yellowing and keeping clothes white. It also has good foam breakage and does not leave any residue on the cap or the washing machine. Moreover, it can be used with one rinse cycle and has a fresh aqua floral scent.

TOP Clear Liquid Antibacterial

It has a 24-hour antibacterial effect and prevents three primary odors caused by bacteria: indoor drying smell, forgetting to dry smell, and returning damp smell. In addition, it has a fresh floral scent and is suitable for one-rinse washing.

液体洗剤ekitai senzailiquid detergent
cleansing power
消臭力shoushuu-ryokudeodorizing power
部屋干しheyaboshiindoor drying
柔軟剤juunanzaifabric conditioner

Those are just some of the liquid detergents in Japan. More are still available, and I will try to update this blog. Thank you for reading my blog.

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