INTEGRATE Suppin Maker CC Powder | Review

Integrate Suppin Maker CC Powder is a pressed face powder that claims to tone up the skin and cover the pores, just like a skin filter effect.

Integrate Suppin Maker CC Powder

The case and the actual product are being sold separately. The case costs 660 JPY, while the refill costs 1,210 JPY. I think it’s a good idea for them to separate the sales. Buying a whole set and throwing the case after it’s still in good condition and can still be used is a waste.

Integrate Suppin Maker CC Powder  - case

Integrate Suppin Maker CC Powder’s case is simply cute with its light pink color with a heart.

It has a mirror inside.

The refill comes with a sponge and a film, to separate the product and sponge.

Integrate Suppin Maker CC has SPF18・PA+++ but it’s not enough so I recommend putting on sunscreen first before putting this on. Also, the powder has no scent.

Integrate Suppin Maker CC Powder  - swatch

This powder really does work just like a skin filter. It blurs everything.

With the given puff, the powder was very easy to apply.

Though it is recommended to apply this after a makeup base, in this picture, I didn’t put anything before applying this powder.

Integrate Suppin Maker CC Powder i has a velvety finish with sheer coverage. The shine was gone and the visibility of the pores was lessened. It is like a smoothening filter. The appearance of redness lessens a bit, as well as the dark spots.

I love that it is lightweight and isn’t drying.

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