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McDonald’s Japan Spring Menu 2023

“めっちゃ春じゃん” (mecha haru jan) is the theme of McDonald’s Japan for their spring limited menu. It means “It’s really spring!”

mcdonald's japan 2023 spring menu

There are 3 limited burgers on McDonald’s Japan 2023 spring menu: “チーズてりたま” (cheese teritama) has teriyaki sauce with additional egg and cheese. “てりたま” (teritama) is the simplest among the three teriyaki burgers without additionals. “ベーコンてりたま” (bacon teritama) has teriyaki sauce with additional bacon and egg.

mcdonald's japan 2023 spring menu - cheese teritama

All the burgers are good. But among the three, “チーズてりたま” (cheese teritama) is my favorite.

There are 2 limited french fries seasonings; “梅のり塩味” (ume nori shio aji) which means plum, seaweed, and salt taste. “ニンニク黒胡椒味” (ninniku kurokoshou aji) which means garlic and black pepper taste.

“梅のり塩味” (ume nori shio aji) has a little sour taste just like a plum. And when the sourness subsides, you will taste the seaweed. Children might not like the taste, some adults may also not. The taste is Japanese style.

“ニンニク黒胡椒味” (ninniku kurokoshou aji) tastes like steak cooked with garlic or barbecue-flavored chips. I like to eat it right after taking a bite of the burger. The combination of flavors is great.

The limited McFizz drink is “佐藤錦さくらんぼ” (Sato Nishiki Sakuranbo) which is a cherry-flavored drink. There is a McFloat version of it too.

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