Gentsuki or Moped License Test Review (part 2)

  1. FALSE. The sign means vehicles must not enter the right-hand part of the road for overtaking the vehicle in front of them.
  2. FALSE. It is prohibited to park or stop inside the tunnel whether there are vehicular lanes or none.
  3. FALSE. You must prioritize the use of the engine brake and then the front and rear brakes.
  4. FALSE. There are also motorized bicycles that are three-wheeled.
  5. FALSE. A steep slope is defined as a slope with an inclined ratio of 10% or more.
  6. FALSE. It is not necessary to slow down when there is a safe distance between the pedestrian.
  7. TRUE. The reaction distance won’t be affected.
  8. FALSE. If a vehicle is stopped in front of a crossing, you must stop before passing the stopped car. There might be a bicycle or pedestrian passing that is not seen.
  9. FALSE. Move the car to a safe place to prevent further accidents.
  10. FALSE. It is not prohibited to overtake within 30 meters of a bus stop.
  11. TRUE. The sign shows other dangers.

Gentsuki or Moped License Test Review (part 1)

These are the sample questions that you may encounter on the test. Almost all of the questions on the test are in the book “The Rules of the Road.”

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