Gentsuki or Moped License Test Review (part 2)

Gentsuki or Moped (50cc) License Test Review questions.

Please grab a pencil or pen and some paper. Write down your answers. This will be true or false. (The answers will be on the next page.)

  1. The image below means “no overtaking.”
  1. If there are vehicular lanes inside the tunnel, you can park or stop the vehicle.
  2. When driving on a long downhill slope, it is better to prioritize the use of the front and rear brakes.
  3. Motorized bicycles mainly refer to two-wheeled bicycles with a total engine displacement of 50cc or less. Three-wheeled bicycles are not motorized bicycles
  4. A steep slope is defined as a slope with an inclined ratio of 6% or more.
  5. You must slow down when passing a pedestrian.
  6. When the tires are worn, the frictional resistance between the tire and the road will lessen and the braking distance will be longer. The reaction distance will not be affected.
  7. Even if there is a vehicle stopped in front of the bicycle crossing zone, if you cannot see the bicycle crossing in front of you, you may pass through.
  8. In the event of a traffic accident, the scene of the accident must remain untouched until the police arrive.
  9. It is prohibited to overtake within 30 meters of a bus stop.
  10. The sign below indicates that there is hazard or danger nearby.

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