UR GLAM Blooming Eye Color Palette 03 (ブルーミングアイカラーパレット03) | Blog

UR GLAM Blooming Eye Color Palette 03 (ブルーミングアイカラーパレット03) is a ¥200 eyeshadow palette being sold in Daiso. I think this is the most colorful palette in UR Glam’s Blooming Eye Color Palette series.

This 9-color palette contains almost all the colors of the rainbow. The image of coconut trees in the packaging is giving me summer party vibes.

All of the eyeshadows in the palette have shimmers. It would be much better if they put one matte in the palette. Or I could use other eyeshadow for the base.

Even though the colors on this palette look bold, I was able to create an everyday look using pink, gold, and brown eyeshadow.

ur glam blooming eye color 03 - shades

The eyeshadows are very easy to apply and blend but be a little careful with fallouts because there will be a lot. Some of the shades are a little chalky.

The eyeshadows weren’t long-lasting and weren’t water-resistant. When I slightly scrubbed the eyeshadow on my eyelids, it was almost erased. I recommend using a primer and a setting spray for prolonged use.

SWATCHES of UR GLAM Blooming Eye Color Palette 03 (ブルーミングアイカラーパレット03) | Blog

ur glam blooming eye color 03 - swatches

I used my fingers to swatch the eyeshadows but it is better to use brushes when applying on the eyelids.

The color payoff isn’t intense, and I already expected that. It is sheer. But still, it’s a nice palette for beginners to practice and play with considering the price. Also, I found a good way to make the eyeshadows a little intense. Watch the video below to see how I did it.

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