UR GLAM Silky Wear Liquid (シルキーウェアリクイド) | Review

Hi! This blog is a review of UR Glam Silky Wear Liquid (シルキーウェアリクイド).

UR GLAM Silky Wear Liquid (シルキーウェアリクイド) - feature photo

UR Glam Silky Wear Liquid (シルキーウェアリクイド) costs ¥300 ( plus tax).

Simplicity is really the best. It is cheap but it had an appealing look. But be careful when opening and squeezing cause it may spill out.

UR GLAM Silky Wear Liquid (シルキーウェアリクイド) - swatch

The finish is slightly matte. There is almost no scent.

It has no SPF so apply sunscreen beforehand.

UR GLAM Silky Wear Liquid (シルキーウェアリクイド) - before and after

I applied UR Glam foundation using a foundation brush and it went well. It is easy to apply and easy to even out. Also, no primer was used in this application. It gave me a natural-looking finish.

The coverage is medium. For the price, it does a good job of hiding my imperfections. In this case, there is no need to use a concealer. But the foundation will slip off when you accidentally scrubbed or touched your face, so a setting powder is needed.

The longevity is not that good but will improve depending on the primer and setting powder or spray you’ll use along with this UR Glam foundation.

UR GLAM Website: https://urglammakeup.com/

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