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This is my second bucket of Oxiclean (オキシクリーン) and is now became one of my essential cleaning supplies at home. Once you’ve tried this, you may never be able to quit.

It is not cheap, but the performance of Oxiclean (オキシクリーン) is worth the price. I bought it from Tokyu Hands but is also available in drugstores and department stores.

The power of this product is really strong. There was a time when some of the powder accidentally sprinkled on my wet feet. It reacted immediately and it was itchy.

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Oxiclean (オキシクリーン) has a lot of uses. It can be used for soaking stained and smelly clothes, cleaning surfaces, and a lot more.

I used 6 scoops this time because the towels to be soaked are highly stained. Then I’ll add hot water.

The first time I used this Oxiclean (オキシクリーン), I didn’t use hot water so the powder did not dissolve. When using hot water, it will fizz right away.

Whenever I clean our towels used for cleaning, I soak them with Oxiclean in 50 degrees Celsius hot water for a few hours. The bad smell will be gone and most of the stains will be lessened. No scrubbing is needed. After that, that’s when I will rinse it and wash it with laundry detergent.

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