JAPAN Driving License Exam Questions and Answers (Reviewer) – Part 1 [Honmen] [Futsuu]

ANSWERS on JAPAN Driving License Exam Practice Test (Reviewer) – Part 1

  1. FALSE. If there is a traffic enforcer, you should follow their hand signals even if it contradicts the traffic light.
  2. FALSE. Even if you are confident with your driving skills, you still have to obey the rules.
  3. FALSE. If you will pass a stopped school bus, you must slow down and check for safety.
  4. TRUE. Driving while holding a mobile phone is dangerous. It is also prohibited by the law.
  5. FALSE. When crossing a roadside or a sidewalk, you must stop even if there are no pedestrians. If there are pedestrians, you must not impede their passage.
  6. TRUE. It is prohibited to overtake near the top of an uphill slope and steep downhill slope. But it is not prohibited to overtake on a steep uphill slope.
  7. TRUE. The pavement marking indicates the end of “no u-turn.”
  8. TRUE. The road sign indicates “one way” and vehicles can only proceed in the direction pointed by the arrow.
  9. FALSE. The statement “vehicle coming from the right side is wrong.” It must be, “vehicle coming from the left side.”
  10. TRUE. According to the image, you must proceed to the leftmost lane if making a left turn in the intersection.
  1. FALSE. The right lane is for overtaking, etc. Regardless of speed, vehicles must use the left lane.
  2. FALSE. You can cross the center line into the part of the road on the right in case of a one-way road and depending on the road condition.
  3. FALSE. If the pedal feels soft when stepping, there is a risk that the effect of the brake will be bad due to leakage of the brake fluid, etc.
  4. FALSE. You must bring those documents and other important documents with you when driving.
  5. FALSE. You don’t need to stop and wait. Check for safety and proceed slowly.

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