JAPAN Driving License Exam Questions and Answers (Reviewer) – Part 1 [Honmen] [Futsuu]

Japan Driving License Exam Practice Test (Part 1)

Please grab a pen and paper and write down your answers. The answers and explanations are on the next page. (True or False)

  1. The traffic enforcer is making a hand signal that is different from the traffic light, but I proceeded to follow the traffic light signal.
  2. Obeying traffic rules is the basis for safe passage on roads, but if you are confident in your driving skills that you will not cause an accident, you do not need to obey.
  3. When passing a school bus that is stopped for loading and unloading, you can pass without slowing down if you will leave a space of 1.5 meters or more.
  4. It is very dangerous to drive while using a mobile phone, so you should turn off your mobile phone in advance or turn it to drive mode so it won’t ring.
  5. When entering a gas station facing the road, you must proceed slowly when crossing the roadside or the sidewalk regardless of whether there are pedestrians or none.
  6. Overtaking is prohibited near the top of an uphill slope and steep downhill slope.
  7. The pavement marking below indicates the end of “no u-turn”.
image for Japan Driver's License Practice Test question 7
  1. The road sign below indicates “one way” and vehicles aren’t allowed to proceed in the opposite direction of the arrow.
image for Japan Driver's License practice test number 8
  1. At an uncontrolled intersection where roads have the same width (except when traveling on a priority road or a roundabout,) when there is a tram or a vehicle that is coming from the right side, you must not impede their passage.
  2. If you are going to make a left turn in an intersection, you must proceed to the leftmost lane.
image for Japan Driver's License practice test number 10
  1. On a road with two lanes going in the same direction, slower vehicles must proceed on the left lane and faster vehicles on the right lane.
  2. Vehicles are prohibited from crossing the center line into the part of the road on the right regardless of road conditions or traffic.
  3. When you step on the brake pedal, the brake is good when it feels soft (like stepping on a sponge.)
  4. Automobile inspection certificates, compulsory insurance certificates, and other important certificates and documents should be kept at home when driving, to avoid losing.
  5. When there is a stopped school bus for the purpose of loading and unloading, you must stop behind it and wait for it to move.

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