SUNCUT Tone-Up UV Essence Lavender (サンカット トーンアップUV エッセンス ) | Review

Suncut Tone-Up UV Essence (サンカット トーンアップUV エッセンス) is a sunscreen used for the face and the body. I started using this product a few years ago and still repeating it. It is my favorite sunscreen for my body.

This costs ¥812 and contains 80 grams.

The limited edition Rapunzel design is super cute. This lavender sunscreen is good for yellow-based skin tones.

I use Suncut Tone-Up UV Essence (サンカット トーンアップUV エッセンス) only for my neck and body, not on my face. My face is picky regarding sunscreen and this product kind of clogged my pores. But some users say that this is also a great foundation base.

What I love about Suncut Tone-Up UV Essence (サンカット トーンアップUV エッセンス) is that, after it settles on your skin, the stickiness will subside and it brightens your skin. But when I am applying it, I am extra careful because it leaves a stain on my clothes.

The consistency is light, unlike the typical sunscreen. It is waterproof so I think it could be used for swimming.

The brightening effect is minimal which I like. It can be easily removed by soap.

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