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When the cold weather is over, insects start to appear. Some are exciting, but some are pests at home just like fruit flies. But I have the weapon to get rid of fruit flies (Japan).

But luckily, I have the thing to get rid of them. I have been using this every spring and winter. It is the “コバエがホイホイ,” read as “kobae ga hoihoi,” which means “shoo fruit flies.”

It is a fruit fly attractant and insecticide.

The box contains two pieces of anti-fruit flies. Each one lasts for a month. This set costs ¥860, which is quite expensive, but I still bought it cause it’s effective.

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The illustrations make the instruction easy to understand.

Don’t dare to smell this. I have tried it, and I felt dizzy. The maker stated that the scent of this is the favorite scent of fruit flies so that they will be attracted immediately.

Also, don’t try to eat this! It is very harmful.

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The holes are where the fruit flies should enter.

I place it near our kitchen sink, where fruit flies love to linger.

After placing it, a fruit fly came immediately to the trap. Also, I noticed that the fruit flies suddenly disappeared.

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Product’s Website:

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