DAISO Electric Hot Eyelash Curler | Blog

This Daiso Electric Hot Eyelash Curler looks promising so I grabbed one to try. Also, it just costs ¥200 plus tax which is very cheap for a product like this. Other brands might be over ¥1,000.

It does not look cheap at all. The quality of the materials feels good.

Two triple a batteries are needed for this to work. Good thing we still have stocks in the cabinet.

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After a few seconds of turning it on, the red heat pad turned clear, indicating heating.

When the pad was completely white, I started using it. At first, I was quite afraid that it would burn me but it didn’t.

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It is not the best curler but the effect is good. With just one push, my eyelashes went up.

After using this Daiso Electric Hot Eyelash Curler, I use my regular curler to curl it more.

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DAISO’s Website: https://www.daisonet.com

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