Gentsuki or Moped License Test Procedure (Chiba Driver’s License Center)

I passed my gentsuki license test on my second try. I spent almost the whole day in the license center but I didn’t notice the time pass by because every part of the procedure is fun. In this blog, I will share the procedure I went through until I receive my driver’s license.

STEP 1. Reception

Receptions hours are from 8:30 am until 9:30 am. I arrived earlier so I waited for the counter to open. Upon opening, I went to the counter right away to get the forms and to pay for the test. In the form, you have to paste your picture, write your information, and your desired 4 pin number.

After filling up your forms, prepare your requirements. If you want to know the requirements, please refer to this blog: I Took a Gentsuki or Moped Licence Test Chiba Driver’s License Center.

Wait for the 2nd floor to open. Once it is open, go to the 2nd floor and go-to line. Give your forms and requirements. If you desire an English test, please say it right away because they will give you a Japanese test if you didn’t. After that, they will give you your seat number and give back your form then proceed to your seat.

STEP 2. The Examination

The test starts after 9:30 am. You are not allowed to drink and eat inside the classroom so please hide everything inside your bag except for the forms. They provide the pencil and the eraser so you don’t have to bring your own. Of course, mobile phones aren’t allowed and need to be turned off.

Before the test starts, they will give you the test sheet where you will shade your answers. You will have to fill up some things before the test begins. They will explain to you how to do it, but it will be in Japanese. Someone will be there to help you out if you don’t understand.

They will collect the forms after filling out the test sheet and then they will put the question sheets on your table but you aren’t allowed to look at them yet. They will instruct you when to do so.

The test will last for 30 minutes, finished or not.

What are the questions in the examination?

  • Important rules that you have to follow when driving a gentsuki or moped
  • Structure and handling of gentsuki or moped
  • Safe driving of gentsuki or moped

Everything is multiple answers. There are 46 questions (1 point each) and 2 illustrations that are situational (2 points each). In the illustration/situational questions, 1 picture has 3 true or false questions. You have to perfect the 1 illustration to get 2 points. When you’ve got a wrong answer in that part, you’ll get no point so be very careful and analyze it carefully.

To pass the examination, you got to have at least 45 points out of 50 points.

You will be asked to go down to the lobby to wait for the result. Remember your seat number. If you pass the exam, your seat number will be shown on the monitor.

STEP 3. (When you didn’t pass the examination)

You will be asked to go up to the room where you took the exam. They will give your forms back. You can try again next time.

STEP 3. (When you pass the exam)

Congratulations! Go to the counter where you pay and got your form. You’ll have to pay for the eyesight test. Then proceed to the eyesight test room.

STEP 4. Eyesight Test

If you wear eyeglasses or contact lenses, please wear them. I am not sure if colored contact lenses are allowed. They will test both eyes one by one. They will show arrows and you have to say where they are pointing at. Also, they will show the colors of the traffic light and you have to state what is shown. You should answer in Japanese.

Directions: up/ue; down/shita; right/migi; left/hidari
Colors: red/aka; yellow/kiiro; green/ao (Though green is “midori” in Japanese, in traffic lights, it is called “ao.”)

STEP 5. Payment for the Gentsuki class

You have to take the gentsuki class to obtain your license. You have to pay for the class after the eyesight test and you will have to fall in line again and they will check your outfit if it is appropriate. Please wear, long sleeves, long pants, and rubber shoes. They won’t let you take the class if you have a hole in your pants.

STEP 6. Fill a Form Again

They will now bring you to the room where you took the test. Then, they will explain what to do next after lunch. They will ask you to fill out a form and then cut the bottom part for you to keep. Please don’t lose it, it is important. You have to go back to that room and seat at a fixed time so don’t be late.

STEP 7. Picture Taking for the Driver’s License

They will now bring you to another building and wait to be called for the picture taking. There are seats in the waiting area. You still have time to check yourself in the mirror.

STEP 8. Lunch Time

There is a canteen inside the building. There are also a few restaurants outside the license center.

STEP 9. Class Preparation

Go back to the classroom before the scheduled time. They will now show a movie that contains important things to know when driving a gentsuki or moped. Also, they will give a form again and you have to keep it until the class is finished. The form will be stamped after the class and will be a ticket for obtaining your driver’s license.

STEP 10. Gentsuki Driving Class

This is the most exciting part. They will teach you how to operate a gentsuki or moped. They will also give training and tips. Everyone there is kind. It was really fun. I think, the class took 3 hours or more. After the class, get your ticket stamped by the teacher in charge. Please don’t forget because you might be able to return to the field again.

STEP 11. Get your Licence

Go back to the lobby and present your class completion ticket. After that, they will give you your license. Congratulations! Now go to a motorcycle shop and find that gentsuki you are eyeing to buy.

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