DAISO Modeling Mask Pack Lavender (ダイソーモデリングマスクパックラベンダー) | Blog

When I saw Daiso‘s post on Instagram about their newly released mask packs, I immediately went to their store the next day to grab each kind. The first that I am going to try is this Daiso Modeling Mask Pack Lavender (ダイソーモデリングマスクパックラベンダー).

This modeling mask pack only costs ¥100, plus the tax. It’s super cheap.

This is the powder. I thought the color will be also lavender. 😂 But it smells true lavender and there are even dried lavenders in it.

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I added 40ml water and mixed thoroughly until the powder is dissolved.

It is very easy to apply. It’s cold. I love lavender scent so this is really relaxing and fun for me.

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There were more than I thought. I used it on my husbands face but still there were leftovers. Therefore, this Daiso Modeling Face Pack can be used 3 times. I’ll use less powder next time and them adjust the amount of water.

It can be peeled off easily after 15 minutes. But when you leave it for too long, it will be hard to remove. I left it for 30 minutes and I needed to use warm water to remove it.

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Before applying the Daiso Modeling Mask Pack Lavender (ダイソーモデリングマスクパックラベンダー), my skin looks dull. After applying, my skin feels soft, glowy, and healthy.

DAISO Website: https://daisonet.com

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