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When I heard that there are new gel nail paints in Daiso, I went there immediately to grab and try. There was a lot to choose from but I only bought 3 since I wouldn’t be able to use all of those at once. I picked Daiso Gel Nail Top Coat, Base Coat, & Gold (ダイソージェルネイル).

Daiso Gel Nail Top Coat, Base Coat, & Gold (ダイソージェルネイル)

As everyone knows, gel nail paints are expensive. I wanted every single color of gel nails but the price is stopping me. So, when Daiso launched these, I was so excited. These only cost ¥100 plus the tax.

UV Led light - not from Daiso ダイソー

I used this UVLED light which is not from Daiso. There is 60 seconds and a 90 seconds timer but now, I’ll be going with the 90 seconds timer.

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Base Coat

Base Coat

I started with a Daiso gel nail base coat. The consistency is thicker than a topcoat and other base coats I have.

Daiso Gel Nail ダイソージェルネイル Base Coat

I was so confused at first. When I treated it with 90 seconds timer, it was still sticky. So I treated it again for another 90 seconds and it was still the same. Then I thought, maybe it is just like that so the gel nail color will adhere more.

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Daiso Gel Nail ダイソージェルネイル Gold
Gel Nail Gold

This is one of the prettiest gold gel nails I’ve ever tried. It is not yellowish.

Daiso Gel Nail ダイソージェルネイル  Gold

It needed two coats to be opaque on my nails. I had no problem applying this. It took 180 seconds to dry the gel nail.

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Top Coat

Daiso Gel Nail  ダイソージェルネイル Top Coat
Top Coat

Lastly is the top coat. The consistency is less thicker than of base coat.

Daiso Gel Nail Top Coat, Base Coat, & Gold (ダイソージェルネイル)

Here are my finished nails with Daiso Gel Nail. It wasn’t perfect but they looked pretty. I’ve never thought that cheap gel nail polish can be this good. It is much better than what I have now. Daiso Gel Nail Top Coat, Base Coat, & Gold (ダイソージェルネイル) were a good deal.

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DAISO Website: https://www.daisojapan.com

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