TEA BOUTIQUE Sakura Latte (ティーブティック さくらラテ) | Blog

This Tea Boutique Sakura Latte (ティーブティック さくらラテ) is one of my favorite Sakura drinks and it only appears during Sakura season. I purchase this every year and when it is about to disappear, I buy a lot so I will still have stocks even if it is gone.

This drink can be enjoyed hot or cold but I prefer it hot. Especially in this cold season, a hot drink is perfect.

Upon opening the Tea Boutique Sakura Latte (ティーブティック さくらラテ) packet, the smell of Sakura will blast and it’s overwhelming. It’s like welcoming me to the spring season.

The powder is also pink.

The smell is so nice. It smells just like any sakura flavored products, which I only smell during the sakura season.

The taste is so great. When I sip and then close my eyes, it is as if I am eating a Sakura chiffon cake.

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