BEAUTY WORLD Cuticle Care Set [ビューティーワールド甘皮ケアファーストセット] | Review

I am not good when it comes to grooming my nails. It has been months since the last time I pushed and removed my cuticles. Because I wanted to paint my nails again, I bought this Beauty World Cuticle Care Set [ビューティーワールド甘皮ケアファーストセット] set to remove my cuticles. This is the cheapest in the store so I bought it.

This Beauty World Cuticle Care Set contains 4 items that are essential when removing cuticles. Those items are cuticle remover or softener, cuticle oil, pusher, and cuticle knife.

The quality of the tools is good. The handles are big enough which make the tools easy to handle. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Please watch my video on Youtube below to see how I use this set.

I think I can use this set for a very long time.

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