AVANT Pro-Radiance Brightening Eye Final Touch | Review

Avant Pro-Radiance Brightening Eye Final Touch claims to help illuminate the eye area. It also aims to smooth skin and works to soften skin.  Also, it also claims to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, contributes to removing dark circles and eye bags, and aims to remove eye imperfections. 

Avant Pro-Radiance Brightening Eye Final Touch
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I got this eye cream from LookFantastic‘s beauty subscription box. This one, I think is their sample version. Though I am not sure about it. But, I saw on LookFantastic’s website a version of this in a jar but also contains 10ml. The price is really shocking! It costs ¥14,994. It’s so expensive.

The key ingredients are written on the packaging. These are Propanediol, Mica, Hyaluronic, Maris Aqua, and Collagen.  Mica aims to reflect light from the skin for a smoother, softer, and more radiant complexion. Propanediol aims to promote better penetration of ingredients to help improve hydration while providing a more even surface to the skin.

The packaging is OK. I actually prefer it to the one that I saw on the site which is in the jar.

Avant Pro-Radiance Brightening Eye Final Touch

The consistency is not creamy but gel-like. It is clear white with very tiny shimmers which you won’t see until you use a camera to zoom on it. There is no scent which is a very good point.

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My Experience with Avant Pro-Radiance Brightening Eye Final Touch

Due to its gel-like consistency, it was absorbed really fast. There was no waiting time at all. It was absorbed while I was applying it. Also, a small amount goes a long way.

The immediate effect is so good. It really illuminates the eye area. I have tried a lot of eye creams before but this is the first time I’ve encountered that has a dramatic effect. Also, it felt as if I put nothing.

When it comes to the moisturizing effect, it is inadequate when you have super dry under your eyes.

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My Thoughts

If you are rich and can afford to buy this, I think this will give good results with daily use.

I personally think that this eye cream is good before putting on makeup. It is expensive and I may not be able to purchase it, so I will only use it when putting on makeup.

Is it worth the price? I really don’t know. Yes, it is expensive but it is a good product. Maybe I will be more satisfied if the price is a little lower or if it is more than 10ml.

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