Gentsuki or Moped License Test Review

I just made up this Gentsuki or Moped License Test Review but it is not the exact test that you will have in the license test center.

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Please grab a pencil or pen and a paper. Write down your answers. This will be true or false. (The answer will be on the next page.)

  1. Pay close attention to pedestrians and vehicles around you. Move in a manner considerate to others.
  2. All traffic must move according to the traffic light.
  3. When the signal light changes to yellow and you cannot stop safely on the stopping point, regardless of the situation you still have to stop.
  4. When a police officer or traffic warden is on the spot directing traffic by hand or flashlight signals, you still must follow the traffic light.
  5. It is ok to lend your vehicle to your drunk friend.
  6. You took a medicine and after a while you feel drowsy. Because if that, it is better not to drive.
  7. Other person can ride on the back of your gentsuki while you are driving as long as you install a seat at the back.
  8. You are consider as a pedestrian if you dismount your gentsuki or moped and push it as long as the engine is turned off.
  9. When braking on a dry road surface, apply more braking on the front wheel. When braking on a slippery road surface, apply more braking on the rear wheel.
  10. To make a direct turn, except when two-step right turn is implemented, drive along the center of the road as far as possible and proceed slowly to the inner end of the center of the intersection.

Answers on the next page…. (Next Page)

These are the sample questions that you may encounter on the test. Almost all of the questions on the test are in the book “The Rules of the Road.”

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      1. Hello misses i am ganesh acharya from hiroshima now i am going to try to get moped license so many time i failed in test question so please can you help to get some idea or new question which one come exactly in hiroshima or any idea please provide me


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