Gentsuki or Moped License Test Review

Here are the answers for the Gentsuki or Moped License Test Review

  1. True. Always be considerate. Pedestrians are the priority.
  2. False. After checking for safety, there’s no need to slow down.
  3. False. You may continue to proceed even if the light changes to yellow if you cannot stop safely.
  4. False. A police officer or traffic warden should take priority even if these contradict the traffic regulations.
  5. False. It is not allowed to drive when you intake alcohol.
  6. True. If you feel drowsy or unwell, your judgment will be impaired.
  7. False. Only one person is allowed to ride the gentsuki. Only the driver.
  8. True. You are considered as a pedestrian while pushing your gentsuki or moped, as long as the engine is turned off.
  9. False. It’s not 0.3 meters but 0.15 meters.
  10. True. It is necessary to stop or slow down and look carefully at the child’s movement.
  1. True. Also, 10 kilometers per hour or lower is the speed for slowing down.
  2. False. When making a right turn from a one-way road, approach the right side of the road, not the center, and proceed slowly to the inner end of the center of the intersection.
  3. False. Do measures to prevent the occurrence of further accidents. If anyone is injured, give first aid and then report the accident to the police.
  4. True. Since there is no oncoming traffic on a one-way road, you can proceed on the right side.
  5. True. Main signs have four types: regulatory, designation, warning, and guidance signs.
  6. False. If you can keep a safe distance from the bicycle, it is not necessary to slow down.
  7. False. You still have to check safety.
  8. False. Do not fully turn the handles. You should tilt the gentsuki naturally.
  9. True. Road condition is different when it is raining. Stopping distance will also be longer so it is necessary to keep a sufficiently safe distance.
  10. True. It is prohibited to overtake near the top of an uphill slope and steep downhill slope. But it is not prohibited to overtake on a steep uphill slope.
  1. False. You shouldn’t used your horn for that matter.
  2. False. You should turn on your turn signals, 30 meters before the right turn and u-turn.
  3. True. You should avoid sudden braking in unnecessary situations.
  4. False. It would cause trouble to others so you can’t continue driving.
  5. False. When there is a pedestrian that is about to cross in a crossing with no traffic light, you have to stop to give way.

Gentsuki or Moped License Test Review (part 2)

These are the sample questions that you may encounter on the test. Almost all of the questions on the test are in the book “The Rules of the Road.”

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      1. Hello misses i am ganesh acharya from hiroshima now i am going to try to get moped license so many time i failed in test question so please can you help to get some idea or new question which one come exactly in hiroshima or any idea please provide me

    1. Hi! I haven’t found any good practices book in English before I took gentsuki license exam. There was one available on Amazon but the reviews weren’t that good. I only read JAF’s book, “The Rules of the Road” which is in English.

      1. Hello! Is The Rules of the Road book enough to pass the gentsuki test?
        I am planning to buy this book so I want to know, does this book contain all the required questions with answers for gentsuki 50CC? advice me please!

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