Gentsuki or Moped License Test Review

I just made up this Gentsuki or Moped License Test Review but it is not the exact test that you will have in the license test center.

Please grab a pencil or pen and a piece of paper. Write down your answers. This will be true or false. (The answers will be on the next page.)

  1. Pay close attention to pedestrians and vehicles around you. Move in a manner considerate to others.
  2. When the traffic light is showing a flashing yellow light, check for safety and proceed slowly.
  3. When the signal light changes to yellow and you cannot stop safely on the stopping point, regardless of the situation you still have to stop.
  4. When a police officer or traffic warden is on the spot directing traffic by hand or flashlight signals, you still must follow the traffic light.
  5. It is ok to lend your vehicle to your drunk friend.
  1. You took medicine. Then after a while, you feel drowsy. Because of that, it is better not to drive.
  2. Other person can ride on the back of your gentsuki while you are driving as long as you install a seat at the back.
  3. You are consider as a pedestrian if you dismount your gentsuki or moped and push it as long as the engine is turned off.
  4. The width of the loading equipment of gentsuki or moped shouldn’t exceed 0.3 meters on either side.
  5. When there is a child walking alone, it is necessary to stop for a while or slow down to ensure safety.
  1. Slowing down means driving at a speed where you can stop immediately within a 1-meter stopping distance.
  2. When making a right turn from a one-way road, approach the center of the road and proceed slowly to the inner end of the center of the intersection.
  3. In the event of a traffic accident, it is necessary to report to the police first.
  4. When traveling on a one-way traffic road, you may drive on the right side of the road.
  5. Traffic signs are classified into main and auxiliary signs. Main signs have four types: regulatory, designation, warning, and guidance signs.
  6. It is necessary to slow down when passing near a bicycle.
  7. When turning, it is not necessary to check safety as long as you use your winker or turn signals.
  8. When maneuvering a curve with a gentsuki, you should fully turn the handles.
  9. When driving on a rainy day, you should drive at a slower speed since the road will be slippery. And keep a sufficiently safe distance.
  10. Overtaking is prohibited near the top of an uphill slope and steep downhill slope.
  1. While stopped at a red light, the traffic light changed to blue but the car in front of you is still not moving so you honk your horn to alert the driver.
  2. You should use your turn signals, 3 seconds before turning right or u-turn.
  3. Sudden braking is dangerous and can cause accidents so do it only during unavoidable circumstances such as preventing head-on collisions.
  4. Your muffler broke and now creates a loud noise. It wouldn’t affect your driving so you continue to drive your gentsuki without fixing it.
  5. When you are about to pass a pedestrian crossing with no traffic lights, you saw a pedestrian that is about to pass, so you slow down to a speed where you can stop immediately.

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  • ramesh
    January 31, 2023

    Can you please advise me Gentsuki 50cc best test practices book in English?

    • Aiko Ish
      January 31, 2023

      Hi! I haven’t found any good practices book in English before I took gentsuki license exam. There was one available on Amazon but the reviews weren’t that good. I only read JAF’s book, “The Rules of the Road” which is in English.

      • ramesh
        February 1, 2023

        Hello! Is The Rules of the Road book enough to pass the gentsuki test?
        I am planning to buy this book so I want to know, does this book contain all the required questions with answers for gentsuki 50CC? advice me please!

  • Nica
    May 16, 2022

    Hi! Could you please tell me how did you apply and the documents needed?