MCDONALD’S JAPAN 辛ダブチ (Karadabuchi) | Taste Test

McDonald’s Japan has a new hamburger on its menu. It is the McDonald’s Japan 辛ダブチ (Karadabuchi).

McDonald's Japan 辛ダブチ - packaging

This costs ¥390 but with the set, it is ¥690. It is ¥50 higher than the regular double cheeseburger. But still, it is very affordable.

On the packaging, there is a note on the bottom. It warns those who are weak on spicy foods.

McDonald's Japan 辛ダブチ

Basically, it is a double cheeseburger but spicy. Also, the cheese is bright orange and there are jalapeños.

McDonald's Japan 辛ダブチ - Jalapenos

It smells spicy. I can also smell the jalapeños.

No doubt, it is really spicy. Those who don’t like spicy foods might not approve of this but for spicy lovers like me, it is delicious. It is a must-try.

I prefer this McDonald’s Japan 辛ダブチ (Karadabuchi) more than any other burger on their menu. But sadly, it will only stay on their menu for a limited time.


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