STARBUCKS Melty Chocolate Latte (メルティチョコレートラテ) | Review

The design of this Starbucks Melty Chocolate Latte (メルティチョコレートラテ) gives me the Christmas vibes. The shelves where the drinks are located on 7-Eleven are a little bit boring the night I bought this. But when I reached the shelf where this is located, the mood brightens up. This is like a display on the shelf.

Starbucks Melty Chocolate Latte (メルティチョコレートラテ)

There are 4 designs available. Each design shows a thing related to Christmas.

I am a Starbucks fan. But to be honest, this taste just like any chocolate latte or mocha. To experts on this matter, they might notice the difference of this frink to other similar drinks. But as a regular consumer, it is just a normal cold mocha.

The taste is sweet with a very minimal hint of the bitter taste. The last few sips gaves the best flavor.

I think I would enjoy the hot version of this Starbucks Melty Chocolate Latte (メルティチョコレートラテ) more.


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