KIRKLAND Pork Dinner Franks | Review

I was thrilled when I saw this Kirkland Pork Dinner Franks in Costco. Their franks are long and there is a lot inside which caught my attention.

Kirkland Pork Dinner Franks in Costco

I’ve never seen this before in Costco or maybe I just didn’t notice it. I forgot how much it costs and I also lost my receipt. But I am sure that the price for this is very reasonable because that is one of the main reasons I bought it.

There are 14 franks inside which is a lot.

The franks are already fully cooked so they should be kept refrigerated or frozen.

I fried the franks on a pan and just added a little amount of cooking oil.

Kirkland Pork Dinner Franks is gluten-free and has no by-products, corn syrup, or fillers.

Kirkland Pork Dinner Franks in Costco

The smoky smell is amazing.

Kirkland Pork Dinner Franks in Costco

It is quite salty but the taste blends well with the tomato ketchup. I ate this with rice but I think that it is more enjoyable to eat this alone with ketchup and mustard or in a bun.

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