KOIKEYA Potato Chips Nori (湖池屋ポテトチッパスのり塩) | Review

Koikeya Potato Chips Nori (湖池屋ポテトチッパスのり塩) is one of the famous snacks here in Japan. It comes in different sizes and sometimes has special editions in convenience stores.

Koikeya Potato Chips Nori (湖池屋ポテトチッパスのり塩)

I bought this Koikeya Potato Chips Nori (湖池屋ポテトチッパスのり塩) from Daiso, a ¥100 variety shop here in Japan for ¥50. Though I have to buy two since it is 2 for ¥100. Since I bought this from Daiso and for a cheaper price, the amount is fewer than the supermarket and convenience store size.

The amount is just enough for a quick snack.

Koikeya Potato Chips Nori (湖池屋ポテトチッパスのり塩)

The chip is super thin. It has the perfect thickness for a potato chip for me. I once tried crushing the chips and putting them on top of my rice just like furikake and it was good.

It really tastes nori and you can even see it on the chips. No doubt that it is perfect for a movie night.

KOIKEYA Website: https://koike-ya.com/en/

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