DAISO Marrons Glaces (ダイソーマロングラッセ) | Review

This Daiso Marrons Glaces (ダイソーマロングラッセ) is new to me. I didn’t see this in Daiso the last I went. Maybe it’s a new product.

Daiso Marrons Glaces (ダイソーマロングラッセ)

It costs ¥110 including the tax.

There are only 7 pieces inside.

Daiso Marrons Glaces (ダイソーマロングラッセ)

I put these in the microwave because I love them more when they are a little hot.

The smell makes my mouth water.

It is super delicious. It is sweet. I love it so much! I hope there were more.

I am going to buy this Daiso Marrons Glaces (ダイソーマロングラッセ) again for sure.

DAISO Website: https://www.daisonet.com

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