CHILL OUT Relaxation (チルアウトリラクゼーション) | Review

I have seen this Chill Out Relaxation (チルアウトリラクゼーション) a lot of times and I was really curious about this. Is it a good drink to have when you are under stress? Will it help? I wanted to try.

Chill Out Relaxation (チルアウトリラクゼーション)

Chill Out Relaxation is the most expensive drink in the vending machine.

It is the most expensive drink in this vending machine with a price of ¥200. I bet the ingredients used in this drink are also expensive. Also, if this will help our mental health, ¥200 will be worth it.

Chill Out Relaxation tastes like grapes.

On the first sip, the first thing I noticed is the taste of grapes. The smell is also like that.

It contains hemp seed extract.

Yes, it contains hemp seed extract but it won’t make you high. The only effect will be mind relaxation.

Other than hemp seed extract, it also contains Theanine and Gaba which are also known to relax the brain. These ingredients are also found on sleep-help vitamins.

It doesn’t contain caffeine so it is also okay to drink before sleep. Especially on times when you’re mind is on a roller coaster.

Chill Out Relaxation (チルアウトリラクゼーション) ingredients

My Experience

Chill Out Relaxation (チルアウトリラクゼーション) tastes good and it is refreshing. After I finished the can, my body felt a weird sensation where there was like mint all over my body. It was really relaxing and I felt good the rest of the day. When I was sitting, I felt sleepy. Could it be the drink? I would like to try it again when my mood is under the weather.

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