SLEEK Matte Me Hellacious | Review

I got this Sleek Matte Me Hellacious from a beauty box subscription. This brand is not new to me because I used to own cosmetics from them years ago. And I know that the quality of their products is really good.

According to Sleek, Matte Me is a matte finish liquid lipstick that glides on in one smooth application, with no need for a second coat. The light as air texture provides you with comfortable wear for hours, that does not cake, flake, or dry out, ensuring long-lasting color all day.

There is nothing special with the applicator.

Just as they said, I didn’t need to do a second coat on this Sleek Matte Me Hellacious. Even though one coat is very thin, it is opaque and is enough to cover my lips evenly in one swipe. Also, it is very easy to apply.

It is comfortable on my lips. It has a light texture. It dries fast and when it does, it becomes transfer-proof. Even when I am wearing my mask, it doesn’t transfer.

This doesn’t feel too dry, unlike the other matte lip product which makes my lips really dry and tight. Also, it is not sticky which makes me like it more.

This color is perfect for autumn. Even though I only do my eyebrows and powder, the color of the lipstick alone brightens my face.

It only lasted 2 hours for me. I didn’t eat nor drink but I wore a mask. Even though it started to fade after 2 hours, it leaves a stain that makes it look like a lip tint.

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