SEVEN&i Seafood Noodles (シーフードヌードル) | Review

I was looking for something to eat in 7-Eleven and saw this SEVEN&i Seafood Noodles (シーフードヌードル). It was cheaper than the other seafood noodles so I chose this. And I haven’t tried it before yet so I thought of trying this.

SEVEN&i Seafood Noodles (シーフードヌードル)

SEVEN&i Seafood Noodles (シーフードヌードル) costs ¥128. It is much cheaper than the famous Nissin seafood noodles.

SEVEN&i Seafood Noodles (シーフードヌードル)

Upon opening, the scent was familiar. It was kinda the same with the Nissin’s Seafood Noodles. But I was surprised to see a lot of toppings. I can see a lot of crab sticks, squids, green onions, and scrambled eggs.

SEVEN&i Seafood Noodles (シーフードヌードル)

It is not so flavorful. It is a little mellow and for me. The noodles are chewy which some people prefer but, I prefer soft noodles.

I added shichimi for added taste and spiciness.


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