Fuwatto Shrimp Flavor (ふわっとえび味) | Review

This Fuwatto Shrimp Flavor (ふわっとえび味) is one of my favorite snacks from Daiso. And also, only one of my favorites when it comes to shrimp flavored snacks.

Fuwatto Shrimp Flavor (ふわっとえび味)

I bought this Fuwatto Shrimp Flavor (ふわっとえび味) from Daiso for ¥110 (tax included). It contains 45grams. And per bag, it contains 283kcal.

They are on the market for 20 years now and you’ll know why they stayed on the market when you try eating this.

This snack is made from rice flour. There are a lot of traditional Japanese snacks that are made from rice flour. It is gluten-free.

Fuwatto Shrimp Flavor (ふわっとえび味)

The scent of this Fuwatto Shrimp Flavor (ふわっとえび味) upon opening may be unpleasant to some because it smells like dried shrimp. But actually, this one is less fragrant. Other shrimp-flavored Japanese snacks have more strong shrimp scent.

There is a lot inside which is enough to satisfy a single person. But sometimes, one bag is not enough for me.

It is airy and crispy. I recommend eating all after opening. It almost melts in my mouth.

The taste is gentle. The flavor of the shrimp is not overpowering but it is enough for me. It is not so salty. This Fuwatto Shrimp Flavor (ふわっとえび味) is something you might look for all over again.

IWATSUKA Website: https://www.iwatsukaseika.co.jp/index.shtml

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