Curry Shop C&C (カレーショップ) | Review

Curry Shop C&C (カレーショップ) is one of my favorite shops when it comes to curry. The price of their curry is in the middle range and you can choose different toppings, and you can even add more.

Curry Shop C&C (カレーショップ)

I have never seen a Curry Shop C&C (カレーショップ) that is not inside the train station. The branches that I always go to are in the Shin-Kiba station and Nagatacho station.

Curry Shop C&C (カレーショップ)

To be able to eat inside, you have to buy a food ticket first which is located outside their shop.

The machine also has an English translation so that tourists could eat comfortably as well.

Curry Shop C&C (カレーショップ)

I ordered the karakuchi (hot & spicy) curry with a tonkatsu. It is not very spicy this time. Sometimes, when I eat here, the karakuchi curry is so spicy that my nose waters. I also love their tonkatsu. The inside is so tender while the outside is crunchy.

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