MINIMAL LAND Paper Mat (ミニマルランドやさしいペーパーマット) | Review

I have already tried different kinds of mats for my hamsters, but only this Minimal Land Paper Mat (ミニマルランドやさしいペーパーマット) fit us well.

Minimal Land Paper Mat (ミニマルランドやさしいペーパーマット)

This is bought from Royal Home Center. I couldn’t remember the price but the price is higher than the other hamster mats available there. (There is a much pricier mat but it is not good.)

It is 100% made in Japan and unbleached. It is very safe for tiny pets and also my sensitive nose.

This can be used on cages of rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, chinchillas, squirrels, and others.

Minimal Land Paper Mat (ミニマルランドやさしいペーパーマット)

This is the most gentle paper mat I’ve used so far. Also, my hamsters love it so much. They love to burrow themselves here.

I have a sensitive nose. Whenever there are a large amount of dust or even chipped woods, my nose badly reacts. And worst is when my throat is also affected. But when I replaced the old mats of my hamster with this, everything changed. No more dust and no more bad smell.

It is said that it is smooth during the summer and warm during the winter. Winter is drawing near so this is good. They also mentioned that it has good moisture absorption and moisture retention. And it is true!

Minimal Land Paper Mat (ミニマルランドやさしいペーパーマット)

Unlike the chipped wood that smells bad after 3 days, this paper mat still smells ok even after a week or more.

The past mats that I’ve used were cheap but the quality is bad. I needed to replace less than a week which is not ideal. But this Minimal Land Paper Mat (ミニマルランドやさしいペーパーマット) is the real money-saver. The price is a little bit higher than the others but there is no need to replace it every week.

My Golden Hamster loves to make mini-mountains with this, and he sleeps on top of it. While my Jungarian and Roborovski love to burrow and hide under it.

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