GABA for Sleep (フォースリープ) | Review

I always have difficulty sleeping due to my insomnia. It ruins my time schedule. Most of the night, I only drink sleep support vitamins just to have a good sleep. So when I saw this GABA for Sleep (フォースリープ), I grabbed one to try if it really works.

GABA for Sleep (フォースリープ)

GABA for Sleep (フォースリープ) by Glico is chocolate for mental balance. Also on the packaging, it is said that it improves the quality of sleep. There are 12 pieces inside which will last for 4 nights since only 3 pieces are recommended per night.

At first, I doubt this product that it will work for me because chocolates and other sweets make me more awake at night which causes me less sleep. Also, I have never encountered a sweet product that will help to give me a good sleep. This GABA for Sleep (フォースリープ) is the first one.

GABA for Sleep (フォースリープ)

After eating dinner or before going to sleep, only 3 pieces of GABA for Sleep (フォースリープ) is recommended to have the effect. But it doesn’t mention that it will help you to get sleepy easily. It is just stated on the packaging that it is for a good quality of sleep. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

How was my experience on GABA for Sleep (フォースリープ)?

It tastes just like normal milk chocolate but the sweetness lingers in my mouth for a while or maybe because I just prefer bitter taste chocolate. Also, right after eating, I got thirsty so I drank a lot of water.

To my surprise, it did work. After an hour since I ate 3 pieces of GABA for Sleep (フォースリープ), I started to get sleepy. It made my brain relaxed which is usually active with plans and ideas at night. I also had a very happy and fun dream.

Usually, I still feel sleepy when I wake up in the morning but this time, it was different. I felt ready for the whole day.

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