ASAHI Gungunguruto (ぐんぐんグルト) | Review

I love drinks that contain lactic acid just like this Asahi Gungunguruto (ぐんぐんグルト). When it comes to these kinds of drinks, this is the brand that I always buy because it is cheap.

Drinking or eating food with lactic acid such as this Asahi Gungunguruto (ぐんぐんグルト) every day is recommended. When I don’t eat yogurt or drink a drink with lactic acid, my tummy is a little different. I think that it helps a lot with my digestion. Even when I was still a child, my mother would always make me drink lactic acid almost every day which is Yakult. And I think that helped a lot in making me healthy as a child.

I bought this Asahi Gungunguruto (ぐんぐんグルト) from a vending machine in a train station. I can’t remember the exact price but I think that it is around ¥140. It is also available in supermarkets and it comes in different sizes.

Asahi Gungunguruto (ぐんぐんグルト) contains 3 types of lactic acid bacteria. Every 100ml, you’ll only get 22kcal.

I used to drink Yakult but the price of this Asahi Gungunguruto (ぐんぐんグルト) is way cheaper so I buy this a lot more times. Compared to Yakult, the taste doesn’t differ much but this is less sweet and less milky. Honestly, this tastes like Yakult with more water added. But I don’t really mind.

At home, we also have the Asahi Gungunguruto (ぐんぐんグルト) 1.5L bottle of this which saves me more money. I bought this from a supermarket called Aeon. I drink this usually, a few minutes before the meal for best results. It is also a refreshing drink since it is not so thick so you can drink it any time of the day.

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