FUJIYA Butter Choco (不二家バターチョコにきゅんです) | Review

In this blog, I am going to share my thoughts about this FUJIYA Butter Choco (不二家バターチョコにきゅんです). It’s my third time eating this chocolate.

FUJIYA Butter Choco (不二家バターチョコにきゅんです)

The packaging makes it look like a butter, not a chocolate. The cow holding a butter in its hand is really cute. Also, it is indicated on the packaging that the butter used in this is made from Hokkaido. And when I know its from Hokkaido, I always assume that it is so good.

This chocolate isn’t easy to find. So every time I encounter this, I always buy one. I bought this from 7-Eleven for ¥151.

They use 2.8% butter on this chocolate. They also add cheese.

There are ten butter chocolates inside that are sealed separately. Each piece contains 25kcal so 10 pieces will be 250kcal.

Upon opening the box, you can already smell the scent of butter. It is so strong that it really makes me think that it is butter.

FUJIYA Butter Choco (不二家バターチョコにきゅんです)

This is one of the best chocolates I’ve ever had. This FUJIYA Butter Choco (不二家バターチョコにきゅんです) really tastes like butter with white chocolate. It is super sweet with the saltiness of the butter.

I think that this will be great to add with bread toast and pancakes while it’s hot so the chocolate will melt on top.

This product is really sweet and I can only eat one at a time. I recommend having a drink like tea with no sugar after eating it.

This blog is not paid or sponsored content. 

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